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SLO Solutions

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Who uses SLO solutions?


City of San Luis Obispo tenants struggling to navigate issues with their landlords.


City of San Luis Obispo residents having conflict roommates or housemates.


City of San Luis Obispo residents having conflict with a neighbor.


City of San Luis Obispo landlords navigating next steps with tenants.

What conflicts can be addressed through SLO solutions?

Conflicts surrounding: Noise, Parking, Trash, Parties, Trees, Security Deposits, Lease Agreements, Communication & Expectations, Roommates

What is SLO solutions?

SLO Solutions offers free conflict resolution services to all City of San Luis Obispo residents, funded by a partnership between the City of San Luis Obispo, Cal Poly, Cuesta College, and Creative Mediation.

What services are available through SLO solutions?

San Luis Obispo residents may receive Conflict Coaching, Mediation, and Communication and Conflict Resolution Workshops. Call us at (805) 549-0442 to learn more about our services and how they can benefit you.

Why use SLO solutions?

SLO Solutions works. The services are free, the mediators are impartial and helpful, and the process is convenient, relaxed, and quick.

When should I contact SLO solutions?

If you are experiencing a dispute with your neighbor, landlord, tenant, or roommate, SLO Solutions is a good option for you. You can contact a Conflict Resolution Specialist by phone at 805-549-0442 or by email at

Quotes from participants

“I had no idea this was an option for dealing with my landlord. I’m so glad I heard about it from the housing people at Cal Poly. I was finally able to have a civil conversation with my landlord about my security deposit.”

“The City Planning Department made the referral and I’m grateful they did.”

“I was becoming desperate regarding the situation with my neighbor. She has called the police about barking dogs on numerous occasions over the past few months. Before mediation, we were not speaking to each other and things had become extremely tense in our neighborhood. Working together with the mediator, we were able to discuss the issues in a new way and actually come up with a working agreement for the future. I’d recommend mediation to anyone who is experiencing trouble with a neighbor.”

“My roommates and I were having a lot of difficulty living together and one was on the verge of moving out. Through mediation, we were able to really get all of the important issues out in the open and figure out how to improve the situation. We ended up continuing to all live together and communication was much easier after the mediation.”